We cover major races like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. We are constantly looking for working or business partners. Horse Jockey, Professional bettor, Syndicate, Software Developer or anyone with insider information. If you are one of them and wish to make big money, you have found the correct person. We welcome all types of betting, back only, lay only, arbitrage against HKJC 10% rebate, tote cross betting or insider betting all are welcome. We have different channel to move money in and out from your country so you do not worry about your winnings and recently we have add in Bitcoin as our payment gateway.

We only work with serious punters and not scammers who want to get free credit or want to milk something out from us. There will be a trial period before we move on to bigger bets, we will provide the large account for you to place bets and we shall share the profit accordingly. We do not offer free credit or weekly settlement betting accounts, so don’t even bother asking our friendly operators. We only serve punters who want to make big money.

Difference between us and betting brokerage or betting agent is we do not bet against you, betting against you is. You lose money means the agent or betting brokerage win your money. So we often hear that agent do not pay out your winnings not because the betting company or betting exchange did not pay you, it is the agent who is taking the liability between 50-70% of your bets do not have the money to pay you. But for U9 we work differently because we are punters too, we are also betting against the betting exchange. Our business model is you win money and our company also win, it is a win win situation. So you do not have to worry on us defaulting your winnings, we only want you to win more.

Citibet has the biggest liquidity in all betting exchange for Hong Kong race due to the pull out of Betfair for only conducting one month of business, making most of Betfair customer moving to Citibet. Ranging from ticket discount 80% you can get to lay at least 5 runners per race for Hong Kong Races. You can either choose to back or lay on your runners.

Types of betting

  • • Back only
  • • Lay only
  • • Software betting
  • • Insider info [jockey only]